14 minutes. Short.

24-hour rental for $2.99

Cast and crew

This is not your usual evening. The setting is a quiet little town of the Italian Riviera, a star-cladded sky displays an unusually larger and brighter moon. Very few cars and very little people around. A music-score in dub, accompanies the first images. In the background, the voice of a DJ hosting a radio show of requests and dedications.
Inside the radio station: a show titled “Blue Night” is on the air, songs, requested and dedicated by the audience. Chiara is the first one to call, she dedicates her request, “ L’eroe sulla luna” by Paolo Silvestri, to the DJ.
The second call comes from Piero who is having sex with a girl in his car, yet he has found the time to request a song by Fred Buscaglione, “Guarda che luna”.
Intrigued by the two similar titles about the moon, the DJ asks Piero the motivation of his choice, the man replies, explaining what is going on outside: “… the moon is enormous and sheds an incredible light!”
The DJ, enclosed in his recording studio, can only imagine the strange lunar phenomenon.
The third call comes from Michela, she confirms the extraordinary event and requests any song that has the moon in it. “Tintarella di luna” starts playing on the air. Chiara calls back to remind the DJ that he has not yet put on the song she requested. “I’m so sorry, Chiara, I’ll do it right away… we have another call waiting, hang on…”
Marco is on the phone, he claims to be an astronomer. With stone cold calmness he goes on to explain this extraordinary lunar event: “… the moon sheds no light… it reflects the light that comes from the sun… therefore, on the other side of the earth, the sun has turned into a Supernova… it has exploded! … a wave of fire will reach us in less than 5 minutes”. Panic spreads wide.
The DJ tries not to panic, but soon he looses control of the situation. Eileen is on the phone next, a young Australian she is in a fit because she has tried to call her relatives in Sydney and “… the phone is like…frying”. Michela calls back, she is scared. According to Marco’s calculations, there are only a couple of minutes left before annhilation. Chiara is back on the phone and spends the last moments of her life talking to the DJ, both are convinced that they will soon die.
“I love you” will be the last words uttered by them.
Next morning, the news reveals what has happened.
A macabre and well thought prank has set panic to the entire little town of the Riviera “… A local radio DJ and a self-proclaimed astronomer have been charged with inducing panic. This is how the boy explained his actions: “I do night shifts and if I don’t play around a bit and make some prank or joke, it turns into a very long night. Me, an astronomer? Are you kidding? I work in a bakery…”